All proceeds will go to The Leonard Peltier Defense Fund. Shipping included.


I Was Once a Young Warrior Too

I Hear the Call of the Eagle

Mni Wiconi Etanhan Inajin
Lady Rising Out of the Water of Life
"The eyes of the man in my painting
speak of strength and honor. That is Leonard.
It speaks of our government that he
is still incarcerated -- no honor, no strength.
I want my children and grandchildren to care
for this earth the way our First People do.
I want truth taught in schools.
I want the persecution of Native Americans
to end.
Justice is long overdue."


What does Leonard's artwork say to you?

Down But Not Out

Wicasta Wihanbde Mani
Man Who Walks with a Dream

Sunglasses at Night

Pte Oyate Wicasta Enana Hoye Waye
Man of the Buffalo Sending Prayers to the Mystery

Protector of the Woods

Bumper Stickers
Car Window Appliques

Waziyata Wikoske Win
Young Lady of the North

Wahpe Hin'hpaye ka Maka Sina ye
Leaves that Fall and Blanket Mother Earth

Winyan Sai'ciya
Lady Who Dresses her Best in Red

Cehupa We'ga
Broken Jaw

Itoka'gatakinya Zuya Wicasta
Southern Man of War